Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Made by Scarlett Skywalker Cosplay
Photographed by Alfonso Cabalum

  I wanted to make this costume ever since I met Kelly and Jessica wearing theirs at MCM!

 The thing is, I did not want to "copy" or perfectly replicate their costumes, because, even before I saw them, I had an Idea of my own for a Poro costume, and that was what I did.

My costume was planned to be in a different, more "classy" style: longer and less tight skirt, and slightly bigger top, adorned with a leather belt and a classic ribbon bow.

Costume on the start VS finished costume


This was probably the most simple costume I made!
In terms of patterns is super easy! Circle Skirt + crop top + hat! I had to add legwarmers too!
All was made out of white furr and brown stuff: leather, ribbon and felt for the horns.
The top has stretchy cotton on the back for easier fit.
The horns were cut from brown felt, sewn and filled with plush sponge, then I have sewn them in place to the hat.


One of the ideas of my own I had, was that I would obviously make Poro with WHITE HAIR.
After testing I dropped the Idea and decided to use my natural hair for a little bit of contrast.
I am still indecisive if I prefer the white or blonde hair on my Poro costume... but the final shoot was done without a wig.

 I am happy with this costume...maybe I would have done arm acessories too! And made a more detailed hat too! And shoot this with my poro plush!
This was made in December 2014, so I have sold my costume to a super cool lady called Joanna Storm, and I dont't own it anymore!
Should I ever re-make it?

Thanks for reading!
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

SweetHeart Annie - League Cosplay


I had a lot of fun creating this! I made this overnight in 6-8 hours.
I wish I had thought it with more time! It could have looked more perfect and clean.


Skirt: I made 2 circle skirts - one with red satin and one with burgundy cotton fabric and overlayed them. Added elastic to the waist to fray and adjust. Hemmed with heat for no thread visibility.

Shirt: Made out of red satin and violet cotton - added a golden collar, heart appliqué and fraying arround the hem line. FIRST TIME MAKING BUBBLE SLEEVES!

Heart piece: Made of Yoga mat and Fibreglass. Primed, painted golden and red and spray varnish finishing.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

IberAnime OPO 14

This weekend there was a con in Oporto! We had so much fun!
Saturday I cosplayed as Lux Crownguard from LoL, and as Female Trunks for the DbZ Group!

I don't have any decent Lux Pics yet!

Sunday I went as Lady Deadpool and had a ton of fun! I met Shappi Workshop in person, finally!
I really adore her work. Here's a photo of us!

And lastly, me, with Raccoon Cosplayer, also a great girl!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


STAR WARS PARTY was held on May the 4th, International StarWars Day! I got to meet the Legion 501 members!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

romwe celebrates friendship

Right now, you can get a second pair of leggings for 50% price discount!
Half prize but full heart!
Date From: 04/10/2013 to 04/12/2013
Use code: second50%, then you can get it.

I hope everyone can be happy every day!! Friendship will be life long!

Have fun!

xoxo Scarlett

Sunday, February 3, 2013

FREYA- Super Pinky Brown Lenses


Today i'm a personcon. I'm Freya ^^

I am wearing:
Chii wig by Le E-mail
Chii ears (DIY)
Dolly Wink Lashes
Super Pinky Brown Lenses: Honey Color

Lenses: the super pinky is becoming my favorite collection of lenses ever. They make your eyes look way bigger, but they don't look creepy or unnatural. 
The color is very soft and blends with your natural color.
This lenses are super confortable and i think they are perfect.

I have another pair of brown lenses, the Geo Angel series brown. I prefer super pinky, a lot!
I think if you are Caucasian you will look better with super pinky. But If you're asian definetly go for the Geo Angel ones, they look better in asian eyes!


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