Monday, April 11, 2011

Japan Style: Fairy Kei

I've been in love with fairy kei style since the first time I saw it. I've never been to Japan (I wish!) so I obviously came across with this trend though the internet.
Fairy Kei is about dreamy, almost childish-like and inocent. Some clothes even look like little girls sleepwear. Drenched in pastel colors, the shop girls from SPANK!, a japanese clothing shop appeared in the western world as style icons, such as Tavuchi Sayuri, the first girl I ever saw rocking this trend.
They sometimes mix 80's toys theme such as old cartoon series (popples, my little pony, barbie) and also some music celebs of pop-rock (Bon Jovi, The Beatles, The Pixies...)
If you want to fairy your wardrobe up here are some key garements:
  • A pastel toned petticoat skirt (blue, mint and lavender are the best
  • Pastel chuck taylors or platform canvas shoes (in pastel tones as well)
  • Candy or 80's themed jewellery
  • Hair Bows/pins/ kitty ears

Punk Rock Fairy Kei

Pastel/Fairy Kei Lolitas

Pop Kei

Some nice Fairy Kei shops are:

  • Angelic Pretty
  • Vintage stores
  • Cute can Kill
  • Dellamore (etsy)
  • Milky Way