Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am thinking about the thousand miles
I'd have to walk to be next to you.
I'ts a long road, cold and mean
But I'd walk that far just to see you-

I am thinking about the seven seas
I'd have to sail to be next to you
Storms to rattle brains and make anchors spin
And I'd still sail away just to see you-

I am thinking about the infinity
That was enclosed inside my soul by you,
And my mind that grew so bold and clean
Would give my soul for your heart only-

I recall when in a dream you were gone.
Further than ever, away for ever...
And despite my life full of sin
I would give it away and meet you in paradise

Because I would give my life for my dear Ondine.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Would One Riddle Let Down

Existe um espaço que é um espaço sem paredes. Um espaço sem muros, sem grades ou janelas e que não é, no entanto, de forma alguma infinito.
Quem é que inventou que um espaço tem de ser delimitado por paredes? E quem diz paredes pode estar a referir-se a qualquer outro objecto delimitador proveniente da mesma semântica romântica que não passa de um mero impasse à beleza do infinito.
Mas o tal espaço não é infinito. Só não é delimitado por algo humano ou por homens criado o que o torna não mais complicado mas muito mais simples. E mais descomplicado, logo, mais Livre.
Eu não sei explicar os limites deste espaço mas penso que seja o espaço em si, e não estou aqui a tentar enganar ninguém. Este espaço existe e há lá estive. Eu e todos.
É o espaço mais complicado, trabalhado e também o mais simples que existe.
E seria o mais Livre, se fosses como eu.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Into the Sky with Diamonds

This is the book I am reading now. It's called Into the Sky with diamonds, a nice literature work by Ronald P. Grelsamer. I bought it when I went to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
This book features two main characters: Dutch Ritchman and Mal Evans. Dutch is a communication specialist at the very freshly starting NASA's mission "Mercury". He's a fictional character that lives in Florida and writes letters to Mal Evans, who is back in England working as a rodie for the Beatles. He tells him about every general, astronaut and staff at NASA and also about the light-paced race to the moon.
Back in England Mal Evans writes back telling his friend about the Beatles, the Psychadellic 60's magic, the free love wave in the U.K. and the revolution.

This is the story about how NASA & ROCK have changed the world.
If you love the space and you love the rock'n'roll revolution you'll love this reading as much as me.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Love is a Maze,
Of Amazing Grace
But you can't run away
Once you're inside...

I've seen you before,
By my bedroom door.
I've met you before,
Once Upon a Dream...

You love the wrong one
and nothing is what it seems.

He's gone away
and can't be replaced,
that's the price to pay
for you hideous mistakes...

You love the wrong one
and nothing is what it seems.

So what are you to do
no to feel so blue?
Let's leave it all behind
just me and you.

Lets fly over the Maze,
those walls of thunder and rage...
In the static age,
We're all going down!

You love the wrong one
and nothing is what it seems.

I'm sane, still sane.