Monday, December 12, 2011

I've never changed, I've Evolved.

I was born to be nothing.

I did not have most of the things I thought I needed. Had a family, a home and food on the table everyday. But for a kid, there is a lot more. I used to think.

I will never fit in, I always knew.

God, the Devil or all that all mighty allies did not give me anything- Nor talent, nor beauty, nor skills, nor money, nor future, nor love-

-Nothing all all.

All I have today, I've conquered by myself. There was rarely help. There was barely support. There was never love. I do not believe in love.

I have been through mind blowing experiences and broken gray moments.

I am worthless and I know it. My body and my soul aren't worth a dead cat's tail. But Ive got my mind, which is the only thing I carry.

But among all the misqualities I have, above all the big mistake I am, there were two stars shinning for me.

The one of honor and the one of pride.

One to make me a figher, and one to keep me true to myself.

And then I wished upon those stars.

And I became what I am.

What am I? A person with a strong heart, and a strong mind. I am nothing but a thunderbolt of thoughts.

That's all I have, I've got no money, no nice things, no skills. I have a riot inside my head.

What makes me insane makes me greater.

I've never changed, I've evolved. And I still am,