Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine's day the Twin Guns way.

This year for Valentine's day, the Twin Guns comes up with an idea to break the pink heart & candy estetic.
Well yeah, love is all we need, but there are some love examples who are a lot more cool than the common ones.
That's why we adopted the internet trend known as the couple-pic earrings, there are lots of them, with all kinds of images, disney ones are the most famous, but I wanted to own Star Wars Couple earrings for myself, so I thought "Why not make them as the Valentine's collection for the Twin Guns?"
And so I did.
This earrings will be one of a kind probably.
So get your pair as soon as you can!

Han Solo & Princess Leia Earrings

Anakin & Padmé Earrings

Much Love.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wishlist: Disney Trip

My only wish at the moment is to travel here. Anything else I may say will be overtalking therefore I shall not do it. <3

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Rendezvous!

NASA's American Hero Buzz Aldrin is turning 82 today. The second man on the moon is barely recognized by the general public, but his pictures on the moon are quite well known.
Retired from NASA and militar duty, Buzz is in charge now of Spacecraft Enterprise, a firm in California that works on the planning of space programs. Because this man is a lot more than just the second man on the moon. He's a brilliant rocket scientist. He has designed a permanent space station, improved the technology of common rockets saving millions of dollars to NASA, and even created ShareSpace, a foundation that views the affordable and accessible means of space traveling, making it possible for everyone, of course this is a future plan, but it's a great idea.
His participations in Gemini 12 and Apollo 11 missions granted his American Hero status and I must say, he is a man of luck. I would have given almost anything to be in his place. Can you imagine what is must feel like to be walking on the moon?

Our birthday boy was the one who inspired the guys from Disney
Pixar to name the Toy Story's austronaut as BuzzLightyear, and also gave the character some caracteristics of our dear lunar man.

T-shirt: Buzz Aldrin Shop| Swimsuit: Blackmilk | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell | Necklace: The Twin Guns

Happy Birthday Buzz Aldrin!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wishlist: Lightsaber Chopsticks

Today I will introduce you to one of the only things that make me feel like an extreme consumerist. And that is Star Wars merchandise.
I love japanese (in fact, all Asian food, in fact, all the food) so this would be really good to date with my sushi. Of course I like the blues ones best, although I cannot figure it out if it's Master Obi-wan or Luke's, but I'm almost sure it's Obi's. Any of the others are really awesome too!
Also the droid cups and the seat markers are awesome, I must say, but there are already many that look a lot like those, now the chopsticks, I must say I was amazed by the idea. I think this are only for sale at comicbook/anime stores and e-bay, and they are not quite cheap (otherwise i'd have a pair already :P) but if you like Star Wars and food like I do, you will want a pair for yourself as well.
May the force be with the hungry Jedis.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

True Love

Some people believe in love, others don't. Many people live for love and with love only. Others are too concerned about the money, too blind to see the love.
I never believed in love. It is not because I don't care, it's because I've never really felt it.
It's an Illusion, something that is not real but appears to be. Nevertheless, everytime I see true love it makes me want to believe it. I have a bad impression of love, but maybe that is because the concept of love is almost lost. I don't want it to be lost. I want to believe. I refuse to die without ever having experienced the magic wise ones say love is.
Love: Illusion or Magic?

Here's to the people that taught me about love:

Anyone can be loved, no matter who you are. Love will find you. Love will find me. And when you find true tove, cherish it, keep it like a treasure. Don't let it go away.

Much love xoxo

Art Master: Alvin Lee

Mr Alvin Lee is definitely one of my favorite artists of nowadays. He is a North American comic book illustrator with remarkable drawing skills.
I have known his drawings for quite some time now, since he has worked for the best comic book companies such as Marvel, Dark Horse and DC comics, but It wasn't until a couple of months ago that I've came across with his name and website, via a post about the NY COMICON in which he was present.

His website is now one of my adictions. I love the way Alvin draws the western style comic books and at the same time he has a perfect collection of anime. Believe me, not many artists can do that. I havent browsed ALL the artwork in his galleries yet, but just for looking at a couple of drawings you can see that he's the man!

If you find yourself to be a comic book lover like me, you won't hesitate visiting his website or deviantart

This Darkstalkers page is one of my favorites!

Style Icon: Joe Strummer

The bad boy from the clash may not be a trend setter, but perhaps a trend keeper?
I Love the way he keeps his punk rock style so simple and almost neat. T-shirt, Leather jacket, Skinny Jeans, Boots. No more needs than that.
That is what I like about it.
A good musician like him doesn't need many things on neither a rather outrageous style, because his attitude does all the work when he gets on stage.

This tank dress I found is a pretty simple tribute to this awesome punk rock genious. It's for sale at an Etsy shop called Punkalife which sells awesome dresses like this one!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mermaid Fashion: Starfish Rings

Any girl with a true mermaid heart will fall in love for a ring like this. They were designed and created with plenty of loveby me at the Twin Guns workshop.
Being imersed in the dephts of Winter I could not do anything else other than missing the sea. I think about the sea everyday when I wake up. During the days, I pray for the sun to shine and hope for the first summer day to come so I can dive in the warm sea.
It was my passion for the sea that lead me to another Mermaid Fashion Creation. The Starfish Ring.
This rings are shaped like a starfish, they have a glossy finish with a slight dash of glitter and are decorated with pearls and crystals.
Each ring is adjustable to the finger.
They will be for sale soon at, so don't miss them :)