Monday, February 27, 2012

My favorite shoes

Today I decided to post about my favorite shoes. I'm a complete shoe lover.

My favorite shoe colour is black, and most of my shoes are black. The shoes I wear the most are my black leather Doc. Martens, but for this post I decided to show you my girly shoes. The high heel ones for example.

Most of this shoes arent the kind of shoe I usually wear, they are my special shoes and I only wear them on parties, photoshoots, dates and other special occasions.

So, in this photo you can see:
  •  Black patent Mary Janes
    I wear this ones a lot in summer parties and pin-up outfits.
  •  Red Velvet Mary Janes
    I got them this winter to wear at my granny's b-day. I wear them quite a lot actually, normally with dresses.
  • Black Velvet Litas
    They are a replica of JC's. I wear this ones with leather jackets on days when I feel more fashionable. I wear them to classes or dates mostly.
  • 50's Gene Vincent Creepers
    This ones are my favorite here. They are very confortable and awesome. I wear them almost evey day. They are super special to me because they look so outrageous.
  • Black Basic Velvet WedgesI got them on Ebay for really cheap. I wear them to go out at night, friend's parties, dinners, etc... they are super easy to walk with and match almost all the clothes I own.
  • Pink Miu miu's
    They are obviously the most special pair of shoes I own. They are magical, look like they came out of a fairy tale. They are the only pink shoes I have ever owned. I rarely wear them, but I love them!

So, those are my special and favorite shoes. Hope you liked them!

Love, Scarlett

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Japan Style: Platform Converse

Hi guys! I've been having so much work with college and the Twin Guns, but now I'm back with a new post, I've been asked by most of you to post more about my fashion inspirations, so I'm going to start posting more fashion, hope you enjoy!

From the streets of Tokyo and Harajuku here comes the new off the wall trend: Platform Converse shoes.
I have been in love with the platform canvas shoes for so long now, since I saw them for the first time one year ago.
They look confortable and bizarre at the same time, perfect for my taste!
The most famous ones are the white, black, pink and leopard print. Some other pastel colours are often seen as well in spank girls and fairy/pop kei.
I am in love with this shoes and I would love to own a pair. I will definetly get a pair if I find the perfect pair for me, which is: black leather shoes with black rubber soles. Studded would be cool too!
If you see ones like that, please let me know!

Hope you like this fashion trend, I'm in love with it!

Love, Scarlett

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Le Valentine's Day

Hello dear readers,
I hope you all had a great Valentine's day! I had to share mine with you because it was very perfect, so here it goes:
This Valentine's day was spent in the lovely company of my boyfriend. We went to the sushi restaurant for lunch (my favorite!), after lunch we exchanged cute little gifts, he gave me those adorable space pins in the picture and also the starwars valentine's card he made on his computer :)
We spent the afternoon in downtown and at night we went to the cinema to watch Starwars 3D.
I know there are a lot of people who seem to be against valentine's day this year.

I didn't use to care about this day...until I realized that we earn nothing by living in hate. We earn nothing by wasting love. Hard times are coming. People will take most of the things you have, but they can never take away your love.

If you love truly, your heart is Free.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MAKING OF: Photoshoot for Pretty In Ink

Making of of my shoot for Pretty in Ink by Manuel Guerra.
Photographer: Humberto Santos
Photos soon!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fantasy Fashion: Ice-Cream Shoes

The fashion world keeps evolving and sometimes the new creations are not quite as interesting as the fashion lovers expect. I cannot consider myself a total fashion lover, but I do apreciate fashion a lot, when it comes to the unusual, original and outrageous.
And that is exactly what this shoes by Rhonda Voo are.
She took the most cute red patent platform-maryjanes design and spiced them up with cute and festive ice-cream scoops with cream- and a cherry on top.
I am in love with this shoes although I would never have an occasion to wear them.
There are also other versions of this shoes, in case you're not a fan of the Mary Janes. You can get them in the Doc-Martens version, Platform boot, Retro heels, etc...
Check out some other designs:

You can get them at:

xoxo Scarlett

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Awesome Artist: Looney Lolita

Looney Lolita is a comic illustration artist from Denmark. She lives in Sweden and works as a freelance illustrator.
I found her illustrations on tumblr and loved them at the first look!
All of her drawings are colourful, fun, and full of fantasy.
My very favorite is this mermaid one, I absolutely love the colours and the expression, and well, I love mermaids :3
I can notice a big influence of the japanese culture on some drawings, Harajuku fashion and hair. Adorable.
This talented artist works on comission too and it's pretty affordable!

I love all the drawings, but this are my favorites!

This last drawing is one of my favorites too!

Visit her at DeviantART