Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pretty in Ink

Pictures from my photoshoot for Pretty in Ink Shop.

Pretty in Ink is an Etsy shop that sells Tattoo themed jewellery. Their owner, Cali is a very nice person and has sent me two necklaces for this shoot.
The package took no longer than 10 days to arrive and everything was in awesome condition! The necklaces have very good quality, they are printed plastic, with their own designs!
I got a cat-skull and a sugarskull, they are both adorable!
So if you love tattoo art, and cute jewellery, go visit her shop!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oreo Love

Who doesn't love the classic oreo cookies?
I have loved them since I ate the first one when I was very young.
My passion for this cookie lead me to create an amazing collection all dedicated to this epic-legendary and delicious cookie.
I also made this collection very affordable, so don't waste any more time and go check it out!

All the oreo goods you see here are from

Greta Macabre & Jenny Helens for


Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Inspiration: Versailles

 Necklace by Pink Antoinette

Headband by Gleeful Peacock

Antoinette Ball Mask by Bridal Bijou

Crystal Beadwork cuff by Sereba Designs

 Barroque shoes by Princess Sofia
 Victorian Lace Cuffs by Call Me Mimi
 Pearler Studs by the little antiquarian

 Ivory Cuff by Le Boudoir Noir

Lay back and imerge yourself on a magnificent world of luxury and delicate colors. Imagine lights and mirror walls. You're in Versailles. I'm in love with barroque inspired items lately. This ones are all handmade items I have found on Etsy, they are all inspiring, delicate and precious. Good enough for royalty I'd say.

xoxo Scarlett

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mermaid Fashion: Polly Pocket Earrings

Hi people!

Today I will show you my newest item in my Polly Pocket collection, the Sea Side Earrings!
I bought them on ebay from a vintage toy seller I found. They are lovely!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beauty: My everyday products

 Hi! So, today I made a post in order to show you what my makeup products are. Makeup is an expensive luxury all girls like to have, but I like to keep it simple. I don't use much makeup daily, but I'm going to show you what my favorites are.
  • I allways start with Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion cream and Mango Temptation fragrance. They smell amazing, fresh, fruity and allways reminds me of the summer! They costed me about $17 each.
  • I use Clear & matt foundation by Essence, it's good for oily skin because it's oil free, and perfect for every skin tone. I use the color porcelain, and that's the reason I use this foundation. I'm very very pale, and I never found any foundation so light before. Costs 3.50€
  • RED LIPSTICK. This is my essential. My favorite. My luxury. It's probably the only thing in makeup i spend a lot of money on. But it's worth it. A good tube of red lipstick lasts for a long time. I've tryed a lot of brands, but this two are the only ones I use now. Retro Futurist by Lime Crime and Basic Red by Lancôme. Red lipstick can make you classy or cheap, it's all in the shade, and this brands know it. Costs $15.99 (LC) and $45 (Lancôme)
  • Red Lipgloss. I use it to make my lips red-ish when I don't want to use really bold red lipstick. Bought it on H&M and costed 1,50€
  • Brown Eye-Liner. Mine is by Essence. It's cheap and very good quality. I like the brown because it gives a more natural look, since I wear red lipstick a lot, I go for a more natural look on the eyes. 1.50€
  • Curling Mascara by Kiko. Comes on a very cute mirrored tube. It's dark black and works wonders. Costs 7.50€ but I bought it on promotion for 3,90€.
  • Lipbalms: I have many, but my favorites are the shell by H&M and Mint Icecream by Claires. They were both gifts so I don't know the price, but they smell very good and are very hidrating! They are both clear.
So, this are the products I use everyday. I allways try to find the best relation between price and quality. Sometimes unexpensive brands are as good as the others, but be careful when trying out. If there's something you love, like red lipstick in my case, make it your little luxury. You don't have to save on everything!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Soy & Mushroom Noodles

Hi guys!
I have been a bit absent lately, but now i'm back and I bring a recipe! I made this noodles a couple of days ago for dinner. It's a delicious recipe, the ingredients are cheap, it's healthy, vegan and doesnt take much time!
Hope you enjoy!

200 gr of thick noodles (works with thin noodles too)
A tin of mushrooms
A tin of soy beans
A tin of tomato sauce
Soy sauce
A small onion
Olive oil

1- Boil a litre of water with salt. Deep the noodles in it and leave for 12 minutes
2- While the noodles are cooking, make the sauce. Drip a bit of olive oil in a hot wok (or normal pan) and add a small onion chopped in small bits. Let it cook to a golden tone.
3- Add the mushrooms and soy beans to the wok. Let it cook for about 5 minutes, mixing regularly.
4- After the 5 minutes, add the tomato sauce and soy sauce and add salt if you wish to. Leave it too cook until the noodles finish cooking as well.
5- If the noodles are done, take them and get rid of the water. Throw the dry noodles on the wok and mix them with the sauce for a minute. Serve as wished!

xoxo Scarlett

Melodramatic & Insane


Well, i've been quite out of my mind. 

xoxo Scarlett