Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fantasy Tattoo: Lauren Winzer

I have been out of town camping by the sea, so I haven't posted much, but today I'm back with a new post about a tattoo artist : Lauren Winzer.
She lives/works in Sydney-Australia, and I knew of her work through tumblr when she ordered from the Twin Guns, and I was AMAZED.
Her work is mostly a mixture between cute and fantasy with a rock'n'roll edge. She apapts pony cupcakes and sailor moon designs to old school style of tattooing, with very bold colors and thick black lines, which I love!
I hope one day I can go to Australia and be tattooed by this adorable artist!

Some of her work:

One of my favorites:

Lauren working 

Lauren looking gorgeous with the Twin Guns Mermaid earrings

 Hope you loved her work!