Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shop Review: So Effing Cute

Hi Mermaids!
Today I'm going to tell you about a wonderful shop called So Effing Cute.
The creator of this shop is called Debbie Marine and the theme of the items are all related to movies and games from the "geek" culture: LOTR, Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, etc...
She has sent me a very cute Legend of Zelda outfit, in which I shoot with my Zelda elf ears!

Packaging & Delivery:
This shop has very nice padded envelope shipping, your garements will arrive to you in awesome condition, smelling good, nicely washed and clean. Along with that I recieved a note from Debbie and Business Cards.
It took very little to be delivered, about a week! It's very good since they ship from California and I am in Europe.

Hyrule Crest Crop-top

I recieved a beautiful pair of sport shorts and a crop top. Both are american apparel so it's a very good quality garement, and the prints are golden flex prints, which dont crack or fade out with the continuous washes- and that is great!

Hyrule Crest Shorts

Costumer service:
Debbie Marine herself will answer any question you have about sizing, shipping or anything else. She is very nice and she really cares about the satisfaction of her costumers. She sent me a note which was the cutest thing ever. In this shop you'll be answered promptly and you will not be ignored, as unfortunately happens sometimes when shopping online.

Hyrule Crest Shorts on me

Besides being so creative and having quality, So Effing Cute will also cater to your own ideas!
They will gladly print shorts, underwear, t-shirts, etc...for you with the image you desire. It's Great!
Also, their prices are very very reasonable- not the cheapest, I know, but they have good quality and that is something people have to pay for :)

Overall, I think Debbie would deserve a 5 star rate on So Effing Cute, It's a wonderful place to shop!


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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Creative Kitchen: Pink Breakfast

Hey guys!
I'ts been a loooong time since I've last posted, I'm so sorry!! I have been too busy lately with my college exams, but I'm finally free now. I've been spending a lovely week in my family's villae by the sea. I finally had time to relax a bit, hit the beach, stay by the pool....
To make it up for the long time it's been since i've last posted, here goes an awesome recipe for a cute breakfast I made upon my lil' sister's 4th birthday.

Pink Breakfast

  • Pink Milk
          You'll need:
                            A glass
                            Colorful straws

Mix the milk with a bit of grenadine to achieve the pink color and give a sweet flavour. Pour the pink milk in the glass and decor with colorful drink straws.

  • Heart toasties
           You'll need:
                             Heart cutters
                             Loaf bread
                             Strawberry jelly

Cut the bread with the heart shape cutters. Dab some jelly on half of the hearts. On the other hearts use nutella to stick the foundant to the bread. Cut pink foundant the same shape as the bread and place over the nutella hearts. Place the hearts in a plate and sprinkle.

I used a cute cupcake placemat but you can use anything to decor this dish and make it pink and cute!
Have fun!

xoxo Scarlett