Sunday, February 3, 2013

FREYA- Super Pinky Brown Lenses


Today i'm a personcon. I'm Freya ^^

I am wearing:
Chii wig by Le E-mail
Chii ears (DIY)
Dolly Wink Lashes
Super Pinky Brown Lenses: Honey Color

Lenses: the super pinky is becoming my favorite collection of lenses ever. They make your eyes look way bigger, but they don't look creepy or unnatural. 
The color is very soft and blends with your natural color.
This lenses are super confortable and i think they are perfect.

I have another pair of brown lenses, the Geo Angel series brown. I prefer super pinky, a lot!
I think if you are Caucasian you will look better with super pinky. But If you're asian definetly go for the Geo Angel ones, they look better in asian eyes!