About me


I'm no ordinary human being.

I love arts and Crafts - cosplay is my main love
My objective in life is no other than Freedom. I have wished to be free since I was really young. I wished to depend on nothing or nobody.
I really want each day to be happy - happiness the ultimate warm gun.
No rules, no time, no one to tell me what to do. 
That is, I've figured out, the way I like to live. I do as I please. That's how I enjoy my day. I get in trouble for that. It's worth it though.

I love the space. For me I sort of see it the same way as the sea. Big, wide, infinite. A nature's metaphore or Liberty. I hope to travel to the space some day. 

  • Liberty. 
  • Sea. Shore. 
  • Rock'n'Roll. 
  • Architecture. 
  • Star Wars
  • Dancing. 
  • Swimming. 
  • Italian Food. 
  • Philosophy
  • Lomography
  • Guitars
  • Black Cats
  • Golden Cannons
  • Pirate Ships
  • Sun
  • Light Sabers
  • Vintage Glasses
  • Free Rum
  • Frankinsence
  • Tattoos
  • Freedom
  • Sushi
  • Punk Rock

    • Nazis
    • Reality Shows
    • Extreme Consumerism
    • Lack of Imagination
    • Society
    • Politicians
    • Hipsters
    • Lies
    • Fake Friendships
    • College works
    • Prejudice